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Que pensez-vous des critiques de Quetzalcoatl sur InLibroVeritas

C'est un salaud !

Bof ... mais on le garde quand même.

Il fait ça sérieusement.


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Sujet : kFDahQyfzGCMfNeaXF   --   Auteur : gTmyrGrmn
Date : 27/01/2013, 04H33
I had a good time with this story. I'm about to sound cairictl bscauee this story dares to take up some forms that can be distracting unless done for good reasons. It flirts with trouble, but it survives to thump its chest by the time it's done. In general, I'm especially hard to please when it comes to first person, present-tense narration. This story pulls it off, but just by its fingernails. Most of the way, I was half aware of the format, which is not the total immersion in the story that I wanted. I kept thinking, this would just be easier to fall into in the past tense. It turns out that the narration is in the present tense for a reason. A somewhat contrived gotcha! plot twist seems to be the point. (Given that, otherwise, the past tense could totally be as good, if not better for the rest of the story). I quibble, and will allow the twist to pass bscauee it is sufficiently well set up and clever. (I won't spoil anything by saying that the one chapter that seemed out of the narrative arc does earn its presence after the fact, by setting up the twist.) Bottom line: Fast paced entertainment. Well thought out. Everything wraps up at the end in a satisfying way. The characters are believable and I identified with the principals, and cared about them. I'd give this a solid recontamination based on how well it does what it intends to do. I believe that the target audience of super action adventure readers will be well pleased.

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